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 Fora, LLC

100 Four Falls Corporate Ctr

Conshohocken, PA 19428

Tel: 215-900-2283

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Class A landlords partner with us to drive new revenue streams from flexible office and amenity offerings designed to meet the needs of the community and forward thinking enterprises.  We amplify your brand, develop your tenant culture, and reimagine your space.





We equip real estate for real life with a sense of community.

Tenant Culture Is Key

Our hands-on approach to designing custom amenity strategies for landlords.

The "How" Matters

a plural of forum

a public meeting place for open discussion

[fawr-uh, fohr-uh]

Experienced at

Of Fortune 500 Venus Serviced

Dozen Venues Transformed

Meetings Sold and Produced

Co-Working Sites 

Weddings Sold and Produced

New Vibrant Hub to Build - YOURS!

The "How" is what makes partnering with Fora

Our passion for strategic design, personal commitment to each client and project, hands on approach to designing your unique brand strategy, and our intense focus on important details through each phase of the project, insures our partners that their complete offering will be one of a kind.